2 Meter Yagi

One event I helped plan for the K2GXT, the RIT Amateur Radio Club, was a tape measure Yagi build! This took place in October 2020. We used the guide by KB9VBR, linked here. The club provided all the materials and tools necessary. Tape measures, electrical tape, and sandpaper were purchased at Harbor Freight. PVC, PVC cutters, hose clamps, and wire cutters were purchased at Home Depot. Coax and connectors were purchased on Amazon.

The builds all went very smoothly, with everyone finishing assembly within 2 hours. Soldering the hairpin match, the coax, and the connector took a while as we only had one soldering station available.

After completing mine, I measured its SWR with my NanoVNA. To my surprise it has a minimum SWR of 1.07 at 146.100MHz! The SWR is under 1.5 from 144.400MHz to 147.400MHz, just about the entire 2m band.